· September, 2006

Stories about Arts & Culture from September, 2006

China: spoofing Confucius

  27 September 2006

The new, standardized statue of Confucius was unveiled on September 23 by the China Confucius Institute. Here are some reactions from the blogsphere: Xiong pei-yun points out that the standarization is against Confucius teaching: 孔子教导艺术家,“知之为知之,不知为不知,是知也。”意思是,孔子长什么样,你知道就说知道,不知道就说不知道,搞标准要诚实。显然,这种看似为孔子脸上贴金、附带赠送个关二爷脸谱的做法,不过是冒充知道、以掺假“恶搞”孔子。 Confucius has taught the artists, “you know what you know, and you know what you...

Trinidad & Tobago, Belize: Carifesta

  27 September 2006

Only the Belize booth holds any interest for Caribbean Free Radio, on a visit to the “village” of the Caribbean arts festival Carifesta. Carifesta takes place this week in Trinidad and Tobago.

Japan: blood type talk

  26 September 2006

Peter Payne in Japundit tries to explain why Japanese are so fascinated about blood type in relation to personality.

Japan: digital arts

  26 September 2006

An interview with Kenji Harigai, an art director and graphic designer of ADAPTER, in pingmag about new design concept: The digital has already become the true format for expression anyway, that is like some common sense among Japanese young creators. Whether or not you then combine that with analog doesn’t...

Barbados: Karl Brodhagen

  25 September 2006

Linda Thompkins highlights the career of Guyana-born Barbados artist Karl Brodhagen, sculptor of one of Barbados's most famous public artworks.

Bahamas: Doing what you love

  25 September 2006

“. . . the humanity of the Bahamian citizen has been compromised. We allow ourselves and our reality to be defined by other people, because we have made it difficult, if not impossible, for our creative artists to make a living doing what they love,” writes Nicolette Bethel.

Trinidad & Tobago: Blogging the Arts

  25 September 2006

AS THE Anglophone Caribbean blogosphere grows, so does the number of specialist blogs devoted to specific subjects. For two decades now, Trinidad has been a major site for contemporary art in the Caribbean, rivalling the better known art centres of Cuba and Jamaica, though not enjoying the same amount of...

Syria: Syria takes over the Arab World

  25 September 2006

Today the airwaves are filled with the Syrian dialect. Syria is once again producing most of the Arab World's Ramadan television. A quick flick through the channels shows Syrian series on almost every channel. From the classical Arabic history dramas on Moroccan TV, to the comedies on Tunisian TV and...

Bangladesh blog buzz

  25 September 2006

The latest happenings in Bangladeshi blogs around the world: * Education: Tanvir of Journal of a Disturbed Mind blog criticizes the new grading system of school final examination -S.S.C. (Grade 10) in Bangladesh. Students in some regions are getting the top GPA 5 grade in greater numbers; however they are...

Jamaica: Dub poet

  25 September 2006

Geoffrey Philp posts the latest in his series of “Five Questions” interviews with Caribbean authors. This week his interviewee is Jamaican dub poet Malachi.

Cambodia: Expanding Blogosphere

  24 September 2006

The blogosphere in Cambodia is growing rapidly and it includes both the locals and expats. Details are Sketchy introduces some new blogs from Cambodia.

Sudan: Africa's rap star

  23 September 2006

Escaping Sudan is Ben Loxo's post about Emmanuel Jal, “Emmanuel Jal has risen from obscurity to become one of Africa’s most well-known rappers.”