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Stories from RuNet Echo from January, 2011

Russia: Bloggers Protest Against Educational Reform

Russia: Blogger Released After 14 Months of Penal Colony

Russia: Valeria Novodvorskaya's Blog Hacked

Russia: Domodedovo Bombings Expose Imbalance Between Traditional and Social Media

Social media played a significant role in the coverage of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo International Airport near Moscow. Russian bloggers and journalists discussed the consequences of increasing role of...

Russia: “Anonymous Bomb” and “Random Scapegoats” of Domodedovo

In the aftermath of the Jan. 24 suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, which killed at least 35 people and left over 100 wounded, some Russophone bloggers are once again...

Russia: Students Launch Online Map of Illegal Gambling

Russia: Internet Industry Stays at Home

Russia, Ukraine: Playwright Anna Yablonskaya Killed at Domodedovo

Russia: First Twitter Reports of Domodedovo Suicide Bombing

A deadly explosion killed at least 35, and wounded as many as 70 people in the Moscow airport Domodedovo. Early reports assert (ru) that the attack was a suicide bomb....

Russia: Domodedovo Airport Blast

Russia: Bloggers Choose RuNet Events of 2010

Russia: Why Skype Worries The FSB?

While Russian President Dmitry Medvedev urges government officials to get hip to technology, Russia’s Security Service, the FSB, has begun to clamp down on officials’ use of email and Skype,...

Russia: Will Russian Language Be More Popular Online?

Russia: Putin's Palace Exposed on Ruleaks

Russia: Bloggers Discuss Possible Website of Collaborators of Authorities

Russia: Analyzing Websites of Regional Administrations

Russia: Social Network User Accused of Piracy

Russia: Toxic River Caused by Sochi Olympics Development

Russia: Bloggers on Lessons of Tunisian Revolution

The outcome of the Tunisian protests has provoked people worldwide to think about political change. One of the major questions discussed by Russian bloggers is whether the possibility of similar...

Russia: Blogger Tests if $88 per Month is Enough to Survive

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