· May, 2009

Stories about Announcements from May, 2009

Help Global Voices Advocacy win $3000 by writing one post

  12 May 2009

Help Global Voices Advocacy win $1200! The prize money would help us continue to raise awareness of attacks on online freedom of speech, and share tools and tactics with activists and bloggers facing censorship on different parts of the globe. All you have to do is write a post in your own blog, including the following text…

Global: The polyglot internet and translation exchange

11 May 2009

Global Voices has recently been awarded a grant by the Ford Foundation to support our work with Lingua, our translation project, and to research and develop a project to investigate how we might design and support an online translation exchange community. We began discussing the implications of the polyglot internet...

Global Voices is seeking a Project Manager for Translation Exchange

11 May 2009

Global Voices is launching a new project! We're seeking a half-time project manager. The project: Global Voices is launching a project to research, design, and build a translation exchange to facilitate the flow of information globally, with an emphasis on developing world, citizen media, and ethnic media content. The project seeks...