· April, 2005

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“Theory of Everything” focuses on Global Voices

  27 April 2005

Ben Walker's “Theory of Everthing” radio show is getting love from all over the blogosphere – Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing has favorably compared it to Ira Glass's excellent This American Life, one of the best programs available on American radio. Ben's latest show, available for download as an mp3,...

New faces in the bridgeblog index

  15 April 2005

I was recently introduced to the concept of “wiki gardeners”, people who tend wikis, cutting away spam, fixing formatting and grammar, and generally tidying up the place. I just spent a few hours on the BridgeBlog Index, and I'm struck by what a good metaphor gardening is. We “planted” the...

A technical guide to anonymous blogging – a very early draft

  13 April 2005

The Electronic Frontier Foundation posted an excellent guide to safe blogging a few days back. While the guide is quite rich in tips to ensure you don't reveal too much personal information while blogging, it doesn't look very closely at the technical issues associated with keeping a blog private. I...

Reporters Sans Frontieres

  7 April 2005

Our friends at Reporters Sans Frontieres are running a contest to honor blogs defending freedom of expression. Contest finalists were posted yesterday, and the Global Voices community is well represented. Jeff Ooi's Screenshots, and Rebecca Mackinnon's NKZone are both nominated in the “Asia” category. Hoder's Editor:Myself is one of the...

Global Voices on the Radio

  4 April 2005

Clark Boyd of The World – a joint project radio show produced by the BBC and WGBH, Boston – spent a good chunk of time with some of the Global Voices team last Tuesday. The result of his efforts was a feature story on today's edition of the program. Clark...