· January, 2005

Stories about Announcements from January, 2005

Blogging Davos

  23 January 2005

The World Economic Forum now has a blog. Let the WEF know what you think of it by engaging it in the blogosphere. I'll be one of several Davos bloggers, plus some other blogger/journalist hybrids like me, some people from the tech community, and at least one celebrity (stay tuned...

Jeff Ooi, Ferryman extraordinaire

  17 January 2005

Jeff Ooi announced today his new Chinese-language blog, 摆渡人 (in English: “The Ferryman”), quite possibly the first Chinese language blog in Malaysia. Jeff is launching this project explicitly to build bridges with the Chinese language blogosphere – he explains in his post that the blog is a result of the...

Committee to Protect Bloggers

  16 January 2005

Curt Hopkins has founded a new watchblog: The Committee to Protect Bloggers. Welcome CPB!!! Global Voices embraces and supports you!!

Global Voices on Omidyar Network

  15 January 2005

I just set up a request for a group on the Omidyar Network. If you haven't been there yet, give it a whirl. It's a very interesting community based on a wiki/blog system with a reputation system that is quite interesting. It's an interesting not-the-usual-members mix. Since GV is a...