· January, 2010

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Stories about Spanish from January, 2010

Puerto Rico: Bloggers grieve over earthquake in Haiti

  14 January 2010

Haiti should also be remembered by its history of strength and infinite resilience. Haiti was the first country in the Americas to achieve its independence. Now, more than ever, the Haitian people and Haiti, a country that has been plagued by corruption, poverty, neglect, and tragedy, must be remembered. Puerto Rican bloggers have joined in solidarity.

Haiti: Experiences of the Earthquake

  13 January 2010

So far the casualty reports from Haiti's earthquake have focused on the terrifying statistics, but very few names had been attached to those numbers. Here is a look at some of the experiences that the survivors of this natural disaster are sharing online...

Guatemala: The Jocote de Corona Fruit in Comapa

  11 January 2010

Professor Luis Ernesto Grijalva created a blog [es] to showcase the municipality of Comapa in the Guatemalan Orient. In this entry, he shares information about the “Jocote de Corona,” which is small fruit collected as winter arrives.

Ecuador: The Year in Blogs 2009

  7 January 2010

The new year is here, and blogger Carlos Correa takes a detailed look back in the year of Ecuadorian blogs and related technology events and occurrences throughout the country in 2009.

Bolivia: Bicentennial Mural in La Paz

  6 January 2010

Blogsasa [es] writes about the unveiling of a mural in La Paz, Bolivia to commemorate the city's bicentennial. There are pictures of the mural that includes 187 historical figures represented, but there is some controversy about who was chosen to be included.

South Africa: A glowing tribute to Dennis Brutus

  6 January 2010

The News of the death of Dennis Brutus came as a rude shock to many, not just in South Africa but to the world at large who knew him for his poetry and activism against the Apartheid system in South Africa in the 1960s and his fight for social justice throughout his life.

Colombia: FARC's controversial online presence

  6 January 2010

Although most of the reactions visible on twitter to a trailer for a documentary made to support the FARC armed forces of Colombia in international venues were skeptical, the existence of dozens of online videos supporting the FARC makes it look like the support or rejection of these so called terrorist groups is not a black or white issue.

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