· July, 2009

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Stories about Spanish from July, 2009

Peru: More Conflicts in Cajamarca

  20 July 2009

In Peru, Francisco Canaza of Apuntes Peruanos [es] tells the story of two social conflicts in the Cajamarca region. He is concerned about the number of injured as a result of the clashes with the police.

Honduras: 7 Point Document Allows for Zelaya Return

  19 July 2009

Aaron Ortiz of Pensieve [es] writes about the seven-point document written by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who is acting as a mediator in the Honduras crisis. The terms do not allow for an “unconditional” return of Mel Zelaya, but it allows for him to return as President.

Dominican Republic: The Financial Cost of Undocumented Haitian Immigrants

  19 July 2009

Ever since the Dominican Republic declared independence from Haiti in 1844, the fates of the two have been intertwined. Since economic development in Haiti is low in comparison, approximately 1 million Haitian immigrants have made their way to the D.R. Many are worried about the increasing cost of providing services to undocumented immigrants.

Peru: Bloggers Targeted by Hackers

  18 July 2009

Disagreements between bloggers and their readers may often take place within the comments section, and can continue in the form of debate and discussion. However, for some Peruvian bloggers, some of their views motivated some to take actions to silence these differing opinions.

Peru: Informing the Public About H1N1 Virus

  17 July 2009

El Blog de Que Tal Raza [es] writes about the recent deaths due to the H1N1 virus in Peru and hopes that the Health Ministry finds the right balance between informing the public about prevention measures without adding panic to the population.

Paraguay: As the H1N1 Virus Spreads

  14 July 2009

Even though the Paraguayan Health Department claims that "everything is under control" in regards to the H1N1 virus, many Paraguayans wonder whether this is actually true as the number of cases continue to increase. With some measures in place and the closure of schools, the streets of the capital city remain eerily deserted.

Bolivia: The Return of the “Minister of Cocaine”

  13 July 2009

During the military dictatorship in Bolivia in the early 1980s, Minister of the Interior Luis Arce Gómez had a bit of advice for dissidents, “walk around with their written will under their arms.” After serving a sentence in the US for drug trafficking, the "Minister of Cocaine" was returned to Bolivia where he will serve out his remaining sentence.

Ecuador: The Passing of Writer Jorge Enrique Adoum

  12 July 2009

Ecuador is mourning the passing of writer Jorge Enrique Adoum, who Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda once said is "the greatest poet in Latin America." Many seem to agree, as bloggers are paying homage to "Jorgenrique," who helped pen one of the country's cultural anthems, in collaboration with other writers and artists.

Nicaragua: The Typical Dish of Vajo

  12 July 2009

Vajo is a typical dish from Nicaragua that is cooked through a steaming process, and is wrapped in the leaves of a maguey planet. Los Hijos de Septiembre [es] writes more about the history of this food.

Peru: Crazy Combi Facebook Game

  11 July 2009

Carlos del Carpio of Gran Combo Club [es] writes about a popular Peruvian game called Crazy Combi on Facebook. Its popularity has apparently lowered productivity in the workplace due to the hundreds of thousands of users who play it on the job.

Colombia: Where to Find the Best Buñuelo

  11 July 2009

The buñuelo is a typical Colombian snack that can elicit hunger pangs with the mere mention of the word. That is what recently happened with a group of Colombian twitterers, who chose to discuss their favorite places to buy the buñuelo, as well as some of their favorite anecdotes. It even led some to rush out to buy the food.

Bolivia: The Return of Luis Arce Gómez

  11 July 2009

Former Bolivian military officer Luis Arce Gómez, who was part of the dictatorship of Luis García Meza in the early 1980s, returned to the country after finishing his sentence in the United States. Alberto Medrano of Letras Alteñas [es] writes that he was sent directly to the maximum security prison...

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