· July, 2008

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Stories about Spanish from July, 2008

Argentina: Senate Rejects Tax Hike on Agricultural Exports

  18 July 2008

The Argentinean Senate recently rejected the proposal to increase taxes on agricultural exports. The poll ended with a tie of 36 votes, and the country's Vicepresident broke the tie with his vote against the retentions. Such decision is a victory for the sectors linked to the so-called “countryside." This continues the internal political crisis of unpredictable consequences for the Kirchner's Government, which still has three more years to govern.

Mexico: Apology for Tragedy at Disco

  18 July 2008

The Mayor of Mexico City Marcelo Ebrard publicly apologized for the tragedy in a local disco that left 12 people dead. Daniel Hernandez of Intersections provides some more background information regarding the incident.

Ecuador: Learning Kichwa

  17 July 2008

Angel Gualán provides two lessons on his blog for those interested in learning an Ecuadoran indigenous language of Kichwa, which is also spoken by his group the Saraguros.

Peru: Killing of an Otorongo Due to Negligence?

  17 July 2008

Ramiro Celis of Iquitos News [es] reports about the killing of an Otorongo (Jaguar) that was held at the Quistococha Park Zoo in the city of Iquitos, Perú. Although the administration of the park said the animal had to be killed because it showed aggresion while being moved from one...

Chile: Student throws water at the Minister of Education's face

  16 July 2008

In Chile, a student fed up with the repression and incarceration of participants in the protests against the new General Education Law (LGE) and the beatings and abuse sustained by her from the military during these protests complained to the Minister of Education at one of the Participatory meetings organized by the Ministry to discuss the LGE, discussion which ended with a jug of water thrown in the Minister's face as can be seen on the following video.

Ethiopia: Singer Teddy Afro still in jail

  16 July 2008

Addis Journal reported that singer Teddy Afro (popular for his protest songs) celebrated his 32 birthday yesterday in jail awaiting his trial. Mamá Etiopía [Es] posted the link to an online petition to free him saying: “… we have no idea if Teddy Afro is guilty or innocent. But we...

Peru: The Legacy of Augusto Leguia

  15 July 2008

Gian Carlo Orbezo of Peru Politico [es] writes about Augusto B. Leguia, president of Peru from 1919 to 1930 and his sad end as a dictator, and the relationship to Alberto Fujimori who is now facing trials of his own.

Venezuela: The Tradition of the Dancing Devils of Yare

  15 July 2008

The Dancing Devils of Yare is a traditional expression of culture and religion that takes place 9 weeks after Holy Thursday in the state of Miranda in Venezuela. The ritual dance is performed by dancers in colorful costumes and is a sense of pride for the entire country, as explained by local bloggers.

Paraguay: Three Young Thieves Spending Their Bounty

  14 July 2008

Mike Silvero of San Ánimo de Ofender [es] recounts an eye-opening experience with three young thieves that had just returned from stealing at a local shopping center and spent the money on some delicious empanadas, which attracted suprise attention from the waitress and other onlookers.

Peru: Success of National Strike in Doubt

  13 July 2008

A national strike took place on July 9 throughout Peru, which was organized by the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP for its initials in Spanish) and had rallied against Peruvian president Alan Garcia's economic policies. Both the striking groups and the government declared victory, but Peruvian bloggers say that the underlying issues that led to the protests still remain.

Peru: Digital Rights Management Enforcement

  13 July 2008

Francisco Canaza of Apuntes Peruanos [es] is surprised by the authorization for the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies through a legislative decree from the Peruvian government and which will make it illegal to manufacture modified components for video games, for example.

Guatemala: Was Antigua the Inspiration for the Little Prince?

  11 July 2008

For a relatively small country, Guatemala's magnificant scenery can awaken one's imagination. From the 37 volcanoes that rise up from the landscape to the mystical Lake Atitlan, it is a country that has attracted intellectuals in the field of culture and arts, who may have been drawn to this magical land. One other author, Antoine De Sain Exupéry, who is best known for writing “The Little Prince,” visited Guatemala by accident, and leads to the question: Was Antigua, Guatemala his Muse for writing about Asteroid B-612?

Bolivia: Long Lines at Pharmacies

  11 July 2008

Dora Romero of Las Ideas Son Primero [es] is noticing many more pharmacies in the city of El Alto, Bolivia. She wonders whether long lines mean that more people are getting sick due to the cold weather or eating habits.

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