· November, 2007

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Stories about Spanish from November, 2007

Bolivia: Sensationalist Media

  29 November 2007

Joaquin Cuevas of El Inofensivo Chico Larva [es] contributes a cartoon showing his thoughts on the sensationalist nature of the media following the controversial photos showing the ex-Minister of Water in Bolivia.

Bolivia: Writing For Indymedia

  28 November 2007

Mario Duran of Palabras Libres [es] writes about a correspondence exchange with member of Indymedia Bolivia regarding articles that Duran contributed that may not be in agreement with the positions of the collaborative website. Duran wonders if it was a case of censorship.

Colombia: The Future Freedom Plaza in Medellín

  28 November 2007

President Uribe was recently in Medellín to mark the beginning of construction of the future Freedom Plaza. PISO TR3S [es] does not understand the point of the old-fashioned traditions of officials laying the first stone.

Bolivia: Conflicts in Sucre Over New Constitution

  26 November 2007

In the city of Sucre, confrontations between citizens and police claimed the lives of four Bolivians. Delegates from the governing party decided on the text of a new constitution without including the opposition. Bolivian bloggers based in Sucre and across the country commented on the violence and tactics used by the majority party.

Ecuador: Opposition to Constituent Assembly

  26 November 2007

Quito, La Carolina writes about the upcoming Constituent Assembly and the possible areas of disagreement between prospective Assembly president Alberto Acosta and Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa, who may be “actually more conservative in his political thinking than he lets on.”

Peru: Possible Changes in Fujimori Trial

  26 November 2007

The rules in the trial of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori may change if a proposed law passes, which would excuse the accused from being present for much of the testimony against him. El útero de marita [es] discusses these proposed changes.

Bolivia: Tension in Sucre Remains

  25 November 2007

Based in Sucre, Bolivia, Ciudad de Patas [es] continues the updates from various local sources. In addition to reports that citizens have taken control of the local airport and departmental police station, he is requesting photographs from citizens documenting the occurrences in the streets.

Bolivia: About the Latest in Sucre

  25 November 2007

Ciudad de Patas [es] is an up-to-date blog about the recent developments in Sucre, Bolivia, including news of unconfirmed and confirmed deaths as a result of clashes with the police. In addition, there is news about the approved draft of the new Constitution.

Paraguay: Result of National Survey

  23 November 2007

Cumplir [es] reviews the results of the National Survey 2007 in Paraguay and people's perceptions of corruption. In addition, the survey also found a very favorable perception of the Catholic Church, partly because of the ex-bishop Fernando Lugo, who will be running for President.

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