· August, 2007

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Stories about Spanish from August, 2007

Peru: An Opportunity for the Country

  28 August 2007

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Peru, some bloggers have continued to wonder who is to blame for the disappearance in aid and the sensationalist nature of the coverage. However, others are looking at the disaster as an opportunity for Peruvians to look critically at themselves and at their elected officials in order to make real reforms so that this does not happen again.

Argentina: Videos Por Vos

  23 August 2007

Mariano Amartino of Denken Über [ES] talks about the Argentine video sharing platform Videos Por Vos and its attempt to compete with YouTube.

Bolivia: Following the Swiss Example

  21 August 2007

Carlos Gustavo Machicado of Guccio's [ES] comments on a recent speech by President Evo Morales, who stated his desire for Bolivia to follow the example set by Switzerland. Machiado writes, “The reactions have been favorable because it is good that we want to be like Switzerland, and not like Venezuela...

Guatemala: Children Caught in the Middle of Adoption Debate

  21 August 2007

Guatemala has been considered a country, where children are adopted "relatively easy." As a result, the Central American nation has the highest per-capita adoption rate in the world. The Guatemalan Congress recently ratified the Hague Convention, which will place stricter controls on the adoption process. However, a case of involving an adoption house in Antigua has reignited the debate regarding the fate of children in the country. National bloggers and foreigners, who have experience with adoptions weigh in on the matter.

Peru: Collection of Goods in Lima

  20 August 2007

Juan Arellano of Globalizado [ES] took a stroll down to the Plaza de Armas in Lima and snapped these photos of Lima residents collecting goods for the earthquake victims.

Peru: Bloggers From Ica

  20 August 2007

The city of Ica was particularly hit hard by the recent Peruvian earthquake. Many of the updates and calls for solidarity came from bloggers based in the metropolis of Lima. GV Author, Juan Arellano made it a point to look for bloggers from the city of Ica and found some incredible inside views.

Peru: Post-Quake Chaos

  19 August 2007

The recent devasting earthquake that struck Peru brought out a wave of activity among Peruvian bloggers. Some wrote and documented what they felt when the seismic activity struck, whie others sought to inform fellow Peruvians protecting them from false information. However, many more responded by calling for solidarity through information campaigns regarding ways to help. Now that several days have passed, these same bloggers reflect upon the government response and some of the worrisome occurrences in their country.

Peru: Destruction in Huancavelica

  18 August 2007

el útero de marita [ES] implores readers to not forget about the destruction in Huancavelica, in which nearly one-third of the housing was destroyed by the recent earthquake.

Ecuador: Reporting Internet Campaign Expenses

  18 August 2007

Christian Espinoza of Cobertura Digital [ES] links to an article that discusses the fact that internet advertisement for the upcoming Constituent elections is not regulated, but should be reported as a campaign expense.

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