· July, 2007

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Stories about Spanish from July, 2007

Guatemala: Journalist's Column Strikes a Nerve Among Bloggers

  30 July 2007

Dr. Mario Roberto Morales, a prominent writer from Central America recently wrote a column criticizing bloggers for their alleged lack of credibility. This article sparked a wave of criticisms from Guatemalan bloggers who kindly suggested that if blogs bothered him so much, then he should stop reading. In addition, they write that the freedom to publish content for the entire world to read far outweighs the generalizations that Morales puts forth.

Chile: A Controversial Agreement with Microsoft

  27 July 2007

An agreement signed between the Chilean Ministry of Economy and Microsoft has stunned many Chileans. Microsoft will now have exclusive access to provide services through the Chilean government, and which will make automatic Microsoft users out of ordinary citizens. Some have stated that this agreement was not reached through a public bidding process, and there had not been an opportunity to explore open software alternatives.

Peru: Deadly City of La Oroya

  26 July 2007

El útero de marita [ES] writes about the Peruvian city of La Oroya, which made a recent list of 5 deadliest cities in the world. A recent study found that 97% of children 0-6 have elevated levels of lead in their blood.

Bolivia: Capital Rally in Sucre

  26 July 2007

Ariel Cristian [ES] provides information of the rally in Sucre and writes, “during the day I will provide a lot of information and provide little opinion about what happens in Sucre, the Bolivian capital.”

Peru: Polls, Strikes, and Independence Day

  26 July 2007

As Peruvian Independence Day approaches on July 28, the atmosphere in Peru is becoming increasingly festive and the Peruvian national colors, red and white, are cropping up everywhere. However, on the political stage, there is little to celebrate. Despite the end of the teachers' strike, organized by the teacher's union, SUTEP, and despite the probability the other strikes plaguing the country will also come to an end, many people believe that these radical measures will return once the National Holiday concludes.

Colombia: Inside and Out at the Colombiamoda Fashion Show

  25 July 2007

Colombian bloggers discuss the relevance of the ColombiaModa international fashion show, a model speaks about the not-so-rosy aspects of the fashion show, and others post their thoughts on the Independence Celebrations of July 20th, which took place in the island of San Andrés for the first time in Colombia's history.

Bolivia: Historic Rally in La Paz Provides Opportunity for Journalism 2.0

  24 July 2007

A mass rally was held in La Paz to support that the Bolivian capital would remain in that city. Estimates place the attendance at close to one million. A few Bolivian bloggers decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to practice journalism 2.0, in which ordinary citizens could set out and capture images, videos, and opinions from those in the street. Even though everything did not go as planned, it was these new technologies that allowed them to overcome some obstacles and continue this "experiment."

Honduras: An Introduction to Honduran Blogs – Part 2

  23 July 2007

The average Honduran uber-geek is male, under 30, loves Linux, updates his blog thrice a second, and is a master web designer. Many of these blogs are sleek eye-candy masterpieces, with great content...if you happen to like Kubuntu, Compiz Fusion, or Mac. Part 2 of the latest introduction to the Honduran blogosphere focuses on these personal technology blogs.

Argentina: Newest eBlog Podcast

  23 July 2007

eBlog [ES] releases its 36th program of the Radio eBlog podcast, which includes discussions on the passing of Roberto “El Negro” Fontanarrosa and the recent collaboration between OLPC and Intel.

Peru: Protests in Pucallpa Against Increased Fuel Tax

  22 July 2007

The Peruvian government announced that it will no longer provide tax benefits for fuel for residents of the jungle region of Pucallpa, where they claim the cheaper fuel is trafficked as contraband to the capital of Lima. However, this decision means that the cost of living would increase in comparison to other parts of the country. Some Peruvian bloggers give their opinions on the matter in the midst of a wave of protests across Peru.

Uruguay: High Rates of Suicide

  20 July 2007

¡Montevideo me mata! [ES] writes about the subject of suicide in Uruguay, which has the highest rates in Latin America and also provides resources for prevention.

Peru: Tarata, 15 Years Later

  19 July 2007

Jose Alejandro Godoy of Desde el Tercer Piso [ES] writes about the 15th anniversary of the attack on Tarata Street by the Shining Path, which left 25 dead and 155 wounded.

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