· March, 2009

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Stories about Russian from March, 2009

Germany: Berlin Wall Murals Destroyed

  28 March 2009

IZO writes about “an act of extraordinary cultural vandalism”: “a section of the Berlin Wall that had been preserved with its post-fall graffiti, including the iconic painting by Dmitri Vrubel depicting a kiss between communist leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Eric Honecker, has been “restored”, meaning the complete destruction of the...

Azerbaijan: Bloggers react to controversial referendum

  19 March 2009

Yesterday Azerbaijan went to the polls to vote on amendments to the country's constitution less than six months after its president, Ilham Aliyev, won re-election to a second term in office. With the changes — and especially one lifting the two-term limit on the presidency — stirring up controversy from the very beginning, local and foreign bloggers alike comment on the conduct and outcome of the referendum.

Armenia: International Women's Day action sparks virginity debate

  16 March 2009

Although couples now marry at a later age than before, some traditions have been slow to change in Christian Armenia. One custom, for example, expects women -- but not men -- to remain virgins until their wedding night. However, a recent rally to mark International Women’s Day after which red apples were buried, a symbol of the bride losing her virginity, has prompted intense discussion in the Armenian blogosphere.

Global recession and its discontents

  13 March 2009

Today the world seems flat. From Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas, the people of the world are experiencing the traumatic effects of a global economic recession. This post is an attempt to describe the social impact of the great financial crisis as seen and felt by ordinary citizens around the world.

Russia: Prosecution's Bias in Politkovskaya Murder Trial

  12 March 2009

Window on Eurasia writes about a blog item (RUS) on the Politkovskaya murder trial posted by journalist Vadim Rechkalov (LJ user voinodel) on his blog at Moskovsky Komsomolets, a Russian daily: “Vadim Rechkalov says that a close examination of the record, including a slide show the government offered suggests that...

Russia, Ukraine, the Balkans: Eurovision News

  12 March 2009

The controversy caused by Georgia's Eurovision Song Contest entry seems to be over (or, depending on one's perspective, has reached its climax), now that Georgia has decided not to take part in this year's event in Moscow, following the European Broadcasting Union's demand that the lyrics of the 'We Don't Wanna Put In' song are either changed or a different song entered. Russia's own entry is causing controversy now as well, however.

Kazakhstan: Blogosphere's crisis chronicles

  11 March 2009

Bloggers of Kazakhstan continue to follow closely the situation in the country and the government's attempts to switch on a “manual control” mode in economy and other spheres of social life. Dass is citing [ru] the Minister of Labor, who declared at the governmental meeting that around 900,000 people are...

Russia: “Unsent Letter” on Health Care

Below is a partial translation of a post on health care in Russia - a caustic "unsent letter" to the Russian president, written by LJ user sobe-panek on Feb. 22. The post has made it into the Top 30 at Yandex Blogs portal and was picked up by some Russian media.

Kyrgyzstan: No Rest For the Internet

The head of the State Patent Department [en] Ulan Melisbek told [ru] that this department will try to take control of the service registration of domain names in the .kg zone. Ulan Melisbek is sure that the .kg zone represents the national interests, and its administration should be under state...

Russia: Zenit's Female Fans

At GlobalComment, Natalia Antonova reports that “the council of fans of FC Zenit St. Petersburg – the richest club in the Russian Federation and the original stomping ground of star footballer Andrei Arshavin – has decided that season tickets for the coveted fan sector in their home stadium of Petrovsky...

Armenia: First Anniversary of Bloody Post-Election Clash

Thousands took to the streets of Yerevan on Sunday to remember last year’s post-election unrest in Armenia which left eight civilians and two policemen dead. With some opposition activists still behind bars, Armenia’s government is widely accused of doing little to investigate the clashes properly.

Kyrgyzstan: Photo-roundup with not a word about politics

A winter time is ending, and Kyrgyzstan is waiting for the hot spring: the rallies, protest actions and so on. But let's talk about beauty, not about the endless politic. What was the photowinter in Kyrgyzstan? Livejournal user doctormoro posted the unique photos of the famous Kyrgyz actor Suymenkul Chokmorov....

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