· December, 2008

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Stories about Russian from December, 2008

Turkey: Apology Shakes Apologia over Armenian Genocide

  28 December 2008

Challenging 90 years of institutionalized denial of the massacre and deportation of the Ottoman Empire's indigenous Armenian community during WWI, tens of thousands of Turkish intellectuals, academics, writers, journalists and dissidents have apologized online for the "Great Catastrophe."

Kazakhstan: National Search Engine Debated by the Bloggers

  18 December 2008

On December 11, 2008, Kazakhstani blogger Nurlan wrote in his blog, dedicated to IT development issues, about a possibility that so-called KazNet (a Kazakhstani segment of the world wide web) soon may have its own search engine and quotes an advertisement placed on the official website of the Governmental Agency...

Russia: Blogging the Crisis

  4 December 2008

IZO links to “a crisis blog tracking lay-offs (Sokratili, in Russian)” and translates a quote from it: “in some departments of Mayak [radio station] 40% have been laid off immediately, at gazeta.ru [online paper] 50%, at rbk [business paper] nearly 2/3 have been sacked.”

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