· November, 2007

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Stories about Russian from November, 2007

Ukraine: Holodomor

  25 November 2007

This year, Nov. 24 was the day to remember the victims of the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine, Holodomor. Ukrainian bloggers share what they learned about the tragedy from their grandparents.

Kazakhstan: Gangster Movie Hits Box Office

  22 November 2007

The first Kazakh fully commercial movie – shot, cut and promoted without state support with the purpose to extract money from the box-office – has produced a big debate in the blogosphere. “Racketeer” is a movie about a young sportsman, who had to make money in the 1990s – a...

Kazakhstan: Economic Crisis Aftermaths

  22 November 2007

In the aftermath of slight economic and financial crisis, which the government prefers to call a “correction of the market”, the bloggers keep on discussing its consequences. Sarimov says that the annual Kazakhstan’s Congress of Financiers has been postponed indefinitely. Mr. Saidenov, chairman of the National Bank, explained that the...

Russia: “Dirty Tricks” and Opinion Polls

  22 November 2007

Ten day to go before the Russian Duma election, Dmitri Minaev of De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis reports on the "dirty tricks" used in this year's campaign, and LJ user drugoi conducts an online opinion poll, whose results, among other things, show that the new parliament is likely to be elected by the Russian bloggers' grandmothers.

Russia: To Vote, or Not To Vote?

  17 November 2007

To vote - or not to vote? To "vote with your feet" - or to follow Mikhail Khodorkovsky's advice and vote for one of the smaller parties that you don't "despise"? To boycott the election - or to spoil the ballot? To be proper and check one of the ballot's squares - or to get mischievous and write a swear word across the page? These are the questions that quite a few Russian bloggers seem to be considering right now.

Russia: Bloggers Expose a Pharmaceutical Scam

  14 November 2007

Thousands of Russian bloggers have united to combat a pharmaceutical scam that tried to persuade Russian pensioners to spend around half of their annual pension on a course of 'anti-arthritis' drugs that were actually little more than vitamin pills. In the course of their campaign, bloggers have not only publicised the scam nationwide, they've forced the notoriously unresponsive Russian government to act.

Russia: Moscow City and Its ‘Gastarbeiter’ (Photos)

  13 November 2007

Charles Ganske of Russia Blog goes up to the 35th floor of the Federation Tower and takes pictures of the Moscow City, “the largest construction project in Europe.” LJ user kunstkamera – journalist Yulia Vishnevetskaya – walks around the Moscow City down on the ground, photographing the people – Tajik...

Russia: Photos of a 1902 Building in St. Pete

  13 November 2007

LJ user an-drevv takes photos inside the 1902 residential building on the corner of Zagorodny Prospekt and Zvenigorodskaya Ulitsa in St. Petersburg. The building's condition could have been worse, the blogger writes: right now, though, there are still enough of original items that can be restored.

Kyrgyzstan: Parties Struggle for Power

  12 November 2007

Political events in Kyrgyzstan for the past several weeks have spurred a lot of discussions, assumptions and dispute among Kyrgyz bloggers. Following president Bakiev's decree on dissolution of the Kyrgyz Parliament and resignation of the government, new parliamentary elections will be held on December 16 this year, and about fifty...

Russia: Chewing Gum in the Soviet Union

  12 November 2007

Like a million other things, chewing gum wasn't freely available in the Soviet Union. In the post translated below, a Russian blogger recalls a childhood experience involving chewing gum - zhvachka - that appears comical now, but must have been rather traumatic 30 years ago.

Russia: Aleksei Pichugin's Trial Blogger Nominated for the BOBs

  9 November 2007

For the second year in a row, LJ user sivilia-1 (Russian journalist Vera Vasilieva) is taking part in Deutsche Welle's Best of the Blogs Awards (the BOBs). Her blog is devoted to coverage of the case of Aleksei Pichugin, former security chief of former oil giant Yukos, sentenced to life in prison for involvement in at least three murders; his arrest in 2003 marked the beginning of the Kremlin's attack against Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In the post translated below, sivilia-1 explains to her critics the choice of her blogging subject matter.

Ukraine: 1,000 Riot Police vs 50 Crimean Tatars

  8 November 2007

Ukrainiana critiques TV coverage of the recent clash between nearly a thousand of Ukrainian riot police and 50 Crimean Tatars at Mount Ay-Petri in Crimea – and asks some questions: “Why is it that some have to bear the full brunt of the law while others stay above the law?...

Kazakhstan: Media Wars

  8 November 2007

As the Rakhat Aliyev affair spins, and the ex-ambassador and former presidential son-in-law continues blackmailing the country’s authorities with discrediting materials, including publication of illegal taps of telephone conversations between the top officials, a number of websites have been recently blocked in Kazakhstan. “No explanations on the reasons of filtering...

Kazakhstan: Blogosphere Debates the Language Issue

  5 November 2007

A month ago Nurgeldy told at neweurasia how they are fighting poor knowledge of the state language in the Kazakhstan's northern city of Kustanai. His post gave rise to quite a heated dispute both in Russian and English versions of the blog, covering such issues as why urban population speaks...

Russia: Bloggers’ Perspectives on Xenophobia

  3 November 2007

Wherever you click in the Russian blogosphere these days, you always seem to end up reading posts on nationalism, ethnicity, xenophobia, ethnic violence and other related subjects. In October, apart from discussing the famous DNA scientist's race comments and the U.S. president's DNA comments, Russian bloggers dealt with at least two xenophobic attacks - one that took place in Spain, and the other one domestic.

Russia: Togliatti Bus Explosion

  2 November 2007

On Oct. 31, a bomb exploded on a bus packed with morning commuters in the southern Russian city of Togliatti, killing eight people and wounding 50. Russian bloggers discuss the tragedy and the highly disturbing images of the victims that have flooded the blogosphere.

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