· September, 2007

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Stories about Russian from September, 2007

Kazakhstan: Big politics and human lives

  29 September 2007

While the usual discussions about political cobwebs and oil business intrigues kept the Kazakhstani bloggers busy, two dramatic incidents stood out: A rocket crash potentially threatening the health of thousands of people and the murder of a Russian blogger made the Kazakhstani blogosphere think about the value of a human life.

Ukraine: The Language Issue

  23 September 2007

Victor Yanukovych's Party of the Regions is pushing for a referendum on granting Russian official status as a national language, in addition to Ukrainian. Below is a selection of views on the "language issue" from the Ukrainian blogosphere.

Russia: “Putin's Plan”

  16 September 2007

A few days ago, LJ user drugoi photographed a political ad on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow and posted the picture on his blog. The ad read: "Putin's Plan - Russia's Victory!" The blogger asked an obvious question: "What's the plan, does anyone know?" And received 150 comments from his readers, some of which are translated here. (Plus, a bonus translation: the story of Victor Pipiskin.)

Kazakhstan: Energy Twists and Media Tricks

  13 September 2007

Be it the crisis of the country's biggest oil project or the biases of the national media: Both big stories from Kazakhstan this week demonstrate that power is concentrated in very few hands, while social indicators point at huge income inequalities.

Russia: Violence in Ingushetia

  9 September 2007

Attacks on civilians in Ingushetia have increased in the past few months. The most recent victims of violence include the family of an ethnic Russian teacher from the town of Karabulak, two ethnic Koreans in Stanitsa Ordzhonikidzevskaya, and a 66-year-old ethnic Russian doctor at a blood transfusion center in Nazran. Attacks on law enforcement officials are also reported to be on the rise. To help local security forces manage the situation, some 2,500 interior ministry troops were sent to Ingushetia earlier this month. Russian bloggers discuss the situation.

Russia: Beslan Anniversary

  6 September 2007

Moscow City Day celebrations this year coincided with the third anniversary of the Beslan school siege. Some Russian bloggers discussed the regime's attempts to make people forget the unforgettable tragic event of September 1-3, 2004.

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