· July, 2007

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Stories about Russian from July, 2007

Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul

morrire posts pictures from her visit to the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, one of the biggest high-altitude lakes in the world – and favourite holiday destination for Kyrgyzstani citizens.

Kyrgyzstan: Wedding season

Kyrgyzstani couples choose the summer months to get married. As the ceremonies portrayed by bloggers are mostly Western in style, they convey a different, somewhat "non-exotic" image of the landlocked Central Asian republic. From white doves to violins, the Kyrgyzstani dream wedding seems above all one thing: expensive!

Eastern Europe: Swedish Blog Update 2007

In his comprehensive review, Vilhelm Konnander writes that, unfortunately, Swedish foreign minister is no longer blogging about Eastern European affairs, but otherwise, "the Swedish blogosphere on Eastern Europe is undergoing expansion and some of the necessary stabilisation to form the dynamic density needed for a blog community. [...] A disadvantage for the international audience is that blogs, with few exceptions, are in Swedish."

Russia: The “BAMers”

Russian photographer Oleg Klimov is on a work trip across Russia and has been on the road since June 23. Read his sketch on the Baikal-Amur Mainline: once "the construction project of the century" and now a place populated by the people who, according to Klimov, are either afraid to leave or have nowhere to go.

Russia: 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

It would be, of course, an exaggeration to say that every single Russian blogger has commented on Russia's victorious bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi last week - but it wouldn't be that huge of an exaggeration. The response to the news has been enormous, and the blogosphere seems to be divided into two camps now: those who think that holding the Olympics in this mountainous Black Sea resort town is a great idea - and those who think it's a disaster in the making. Here are the views of several bloggers involved in the Russian opposition politics in one way or another - as well as some comments from their readers - all translated from Russian.

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