· August, 2010

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Stories about Japanese from August, 2010

Japan: Web Startups Present at WISH 2010

  30 August 2010

The second edition of the web industry event WISH was held on August 28th, and hundreds gathered to hear a panel discussion by industry leaders and 14 presentations by startup services.

Japan: Eyebrows raised by China’s rise to number two

  27 August 2010

This month the Japanese government admitted that spending China has stolen its thunder becoming the second largest economy after the US. But this announcement hasn't surprised many Japanese people who had been expecting it to happen sooner or later, and has made many bloggers raise their eyebrows and say: so what?

Japan: Photos by Astronaut Soichi Noguchi

  22 August 2010

The Slick blog is thrilled [ja] that a selection of photos by astronaut Soichi Noguchi will be published as an iPhone/iPad application. As @Astro_Soichi, Noguchi posted more than 600 photos to Twitter from space.

Japan: Hikikomori as a global issue

  22 August 2010

News that the Japanese word hikikomori was included in the newest edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English prompted some bloggers to think of English equivalents of the word. Perhaps “shut-in”, one blogger offers. Hikikomori – Social withdrawal in Japan, Hiroshi Tomishige's blog about his experiences with hikikomori and thoughts...

Japan: Lost generation

  19 August 2010

Tanaka Hidetomi reflects [ja] on the meaning of lost generation (失われた世代) and the origin of such phenomenon.

Japan: Ogasawara Islands to be next UNESCO site?

  16 August 2010

With access limited to a chartered ship which sets sail once every six days or so, the Ogasawara Islands (小笠原諸島) are assuredly among the least accessible parts of Tokyo (where prefectural governing responsibility officially lies)! Home to a number of endemic species of wildlife and unique geological features, the islands...

Japan: Where taking a vacation is a no-no

  15 August 2010

Lying lazily in the shadow of an umbrella on a beach, being a tourist and wandering around the streets of an unknown city with a guide book in your hands, or just relaxing at home enjoying free time. These seem to be the trivial options for holidaymakers – that is, if they don't live in Japan.

Japan: A manga to celebrate the US-Japan alliance

  15 August 2010

Jamaipanese reports [en] that the US military in Japan have published the first chapter of a manga to celebrate 50 years of Japan-US alliance. The first chapter is titled “Our Alliance – A Lasting Partnership” and can be read online (Japanese only).

Japan: An ancient Roman at the Japanese public bath

  9 August 2010

What could two cultures as distant in time and space as ancient Rome and the modern Japan have in commom? Such a question might sound like a riddle to many but is actually what inspired manga author Mari Yamazaki to create Thermae Romae , a manga said to inaugurate a new genre - the ‘bath’ manga.

Japan: On A-Bomb Day, one minute of silence on twitter

  5 August 2010

Some twitter users will observe a minute of silence [ja] in remembrance of the victims of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago [en]. No tweets will be posted on Friday 6 at 8:15 a.m. and on Monday 9 at 11:02 a.m. (local time).

Japan: Is it wrong to climb Mount Fuji empty-handed?

  1 August 2010

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it matter if it made a sound or not when the tree was doing its own thing? A Japanese blogger ponders mountains, morals, and messages in a Japanese post titled "Is it wrong to climb Mount Fuji empty-handed?"

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