· April, 2010

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Stories about Japanese from April, 2010

Japan: Kabuki Theatre to be Rebuilt

  29 April 2010

One of the most recognizable buildings in Japan, the grand, old Kabuki-za in Ginza is closing this month. It will be torn down and become a theater and office complex with direct connections to the subway station. Be sure to click this link to see a sketch of the planned...

Japan: Blogosphere Reactions to the Nikkei Ban on Links

  21 April 2010

Growing up in a salaryman household in Japan, one assumes that in the future, one will start wearing a tie, drink coffee, and read the Nikkei. And that would mean that you're all grown up! Admittedly, this is a gross exaggeration but hopefully it conveys the tone of the Nikkei's...

Japan: People live longer, so do TV shows

  18 April 2010

Japan may be known for the longevity of its people, but the TV programs have a rich and long history as its population. There are some series that have been on air for more than half a century. What's interesting is its variety: everything from talk shows, news, and sports...

Japan: Diet Session Snapshot

  16 April 2010

A photo of members from the newly formed political party Sunrise Party of Japan nodding off has been making the rounds in the 2channel boards and Twittersphere. The party name can also be translated as “Stand Up, Japan! Party”, causing many a joke.

Japan: 2channel Advice for New Hires

  8 April 2010

Matt Alt translates “nuggets of wisdom for new hires at Japanese companies from the anonymous hordes of 2ch”. It offers another angle on the subject to our article “Japan: Call us Social Beings Now!“.

Japan: Call us social beings now!

  8 April 2010

April 1st marks a new academic year for students and the first day of work for the young, new employees. To distinguish them from the students, who don’t pay taxes and have no civic responsibilities, those who work and contribute with their job to ‘society’ are referred to as ‘social people’ - shakaijin in Japanese.

Japan: The meaning of globalization

  8 April 2010

Chikirin reflects upon the meaning of ‘globalization’ [ja]. She wonders whether it's really possible to call ‘global’ the Japanese companies, only because they export their products abroad, while their personnel remains very ‘local’. In her elaborate post, the blogger also compares the Japanese companies with the European and American ones,...

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