· November, 2011

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Stories about French from November, 2011

Sahel Region: Slavery still very much a Reality for Some

  15 November 2011

In an interview carried out by François Mauger with Mme Sophia Lakhdar [fr], Director of the Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne (Comittee Against Modern Slavery) published on the mondomix.com blog, she states: “Today human trafficking has taken over as the notion of modern slavery, which is a bit contrived.  However it helps...

Comoros: A Hub for Drug Trafficking?

  14 November 2011

The nomansland blog publishes a post [fr] stating: “Due to its geostrategic position and its socio-economic and political difficulties, the Comoros archipelago has become a hub for international drug trafficking to Europe and Indian Ocean”.

Cameroon: Demographic growth and development

  14 November 2011

Eugene C. Shema reports on his conversation with Dr. Fassa Daniel Tolno regarding the connections between the population and development in Cameroon. On Africavox.com, he writes [fr] : “When the investments, the level of urbanization and the efforts on agriculture, human resources and industrialization do not keep up with the [increasing]...

Gabon: Bongo Indulges With Football Match Against Brazil

  11 November 2011

The Brazilian national football team came to Libreville, Gabon for a friendlly football match against the Gabonese national team on November 10. The social challenges the team witnessed are in stark contrast with the spending habits of the current Gabonese President Ali Bongo.

Tunisia: Army Critic Sentenced to Two Months in Prison

  10 November 2011

On November 9, Nabil Hajlaoui, from Sidi Bouzid, was sentenced to two months in prison following his criticism of the Tunisian military institution. He was arrested after writing an article, in which he blamed the army for the recent riots and acts of vandalism which took place in Sidi Bouzid following the elections.

Africa: The 4th edition of the African Media Leaders Forum

  10 November 2011

Writing about the 2011 African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) held on November 10-11 in Tunis, EVINA in the africapress.over-blog.com provides possible reasons [fr] for the increase in the number of participants: 55 people attended the first edition that took place in Dakar (Senegal) in November 2008, and 250 participants gathered in...

Madagascar: A Blogger's Wish for Free Elections for Christmas

  9 November 2011

In a letter to Santa Claus, on his blog tulearenvie.mondoblog.org, @Andriamihaj shares his nostalgia for the atmosphere generated by peaceful elections and points out what he misses:  “I would really like to experience new things.  I actually want to experience the propaganda (it's been a while).  I want to change...

Côte d'Ivoire: When Will the Universities Reopen?

  8 November 2011

During the post-electoral crisis in Ivory Coast, at the beginning of 2011, the country's three universities were closed and those living in the university halls of residence made to leave. Today many are now questioning the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of the universities.

Greece: The Prime Minister at Cannes, A Referendum And The 6th Tranche

  5 November 2011

Immediate and various online reactions emerged, after Greek PM Papandreou's appearance at G20 Summit in Cannes. Sarkozy and Merkel said that a Greek referendum must address the question of whether Greece wants to remain in the Eurozone or not, otherwise "the 6th tranche will not be disbursed if Greece does not respect the October deal."

Madagascar: Illicit Sale of Drugs On the Rise

  5 November 2011

Baovola Rajaosafara, president of the National Committee to Fight against the Illicit Sale of Drugs ( CNLCMIM in French),  declares that it is too costly and inefficient to arrest illegal sellers of drugs and that they will strive to increase awareness in the general population instead [fr]. Purchasing drugs at illicit...

Egypt: Men Should Wear the Veil!

  4 November 2011

With Islamists rising in post-revolution Egypt, fear of religious oppression is growing among youth, minorities, and women. A new Facebook group encouraging men to wear Hijab or veils, in solidarity with women has just popped up. Here are some reactions to the initiative from Egyptian and Tunisian netizens.

Côte d'Ivoire: Water Shortages in Abidjan Districts

  2 November 2011

Kanigui writes [fr] in his blog Actu et Opinion: “Living in certain districts of Abidjan means accepting that there will be no running water from time to time.  The inhabitants of Koumassi Remblais, Cocody Angré, or even Yopougon Ananeraie go frequently through the agony of reduced water pressure or outright...

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