· February, 2009

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Stories about Filipino from February, 2009

Philippines: Baro At Saya

  11 February 2009

One Sixth Sense posts photos of a doll donning different variations of the baro at saya, the Philippine national dress.

On Overseas Filipino Workers

  7 February 2009

That Word in Me reflects about Overseas Filipino Worker (OFWs). “OFWs are not heroes. They don’t work abroad so they can help ‘alleviate’ our country’s economic status by their remittances… There are very little jobs that can sustain an ordinary Filipino and I bet if he had a choice, he’d...

“Obama” gets a tummy ache while visiting Manila

  2 February 2009

A Philippine TV ad features the lookalikes of Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and United States President Barack Obama. The star of the ad, Indonesia's Ilham Anas, is now a celebrity because of his "similarity" to Obama.

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