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China: Parents chocked their daughter to give room for boys

  7 January 2009

Chinese blogger Yang-zhizhu (杨支柱) sighed for the tragedy that a pair of parents choked their daughter so that they can have a boy under the cap of birth control in China, railing against the policy as forcing people to abandon “excessive” girls. In Chinese tradition, boys are much weighed over...

Hong Kong: Police's Power in Question

  5 January 2009

A recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong University Public Opinion Survey Center, Hong Kong people's evaluation of the Police force has fallen to the lowest since 1997, the handover of Hong Kong from U.K to China. This is partly due to the police suppression of civic action in the...

China: New Year Confrontation Against Power Station in Guangzhou

  4 January 2009

On new year eve, residents of Junjing Garden in Guangzhou city organized a gathering against the construction of a Power station on the southern side of the residential area. According to the report from Sound of Hope, 24 of the residents were arrested the next day on 1 of Jan,...

Hong Kong: Pessimism Index

  2 January 2009

In a recent market research, Hong Kong is said to be the most pessimistic city in the world, 67% of the interviewee expects that 2009 would be worse than 2008. Kay Lam pointed out that the index is a reflection of a systematic problem in local social and economic structure...

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