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Stories about Chinese from April, 2008

China: Anti anti-CNN

  23 April 2008

Anti in nationonline.com (a nationalistic website) urged people to anti “anti-CNN” and criticized that the anti-CNN is run by commercial organization.

China: Anti-CNN An Unlawful Website?

  22 April 2008

Unbending Notes found out that anti-cnn.com hasn't been registered properly according to the requirement by the ministry of information industry [zh]. The domain is registered under the Jim from Tsinghua University and hosted by www.DNS.COM.CN.

China: A History of Red Heart

  22 April 2008

Recently many netizens in China joined the campaign in hanging a red heart in their msn signatures. 1bao posted an article written by Qian Gang about the history of red heart in contemporary China [zh].

China: American Teacher Attacked

  22 April 2008

Love Hunan posted at Zhuzhouwang about an American teacher being beaten up by secondary school students[zh] outside Carrefour in Hunan Zhuzhou district in April 20. Shanghaiist has an update.

China: Comment on Grace Wang's Article

  22 April 2008

Tu Zhu xi from my1510.com comments on Grace Wang's article in Washington Post. The blogger feels that Wang has turned herself into people's enemy because she has allowed herself to be used by western media[zh].

China: One world, one dream, and one multi-front protest

  18 April 2008

The Chinese global anti-Carrefour boycott was supposed to begin on May 1, but with tempers flaring over CNN commentator Jack Cafferty's on-air remarks this past week, and a number of other recent incidents, people in a few cities across China decided to get a head start. So too did the Chinese hackers who had been planning a coordinated denial-of-service attack on CNN.com set for April 19.

China: Don't be too CNN

  17 April 2008

A music video called “don't be too CNN” is up at youtube. It compares the fake south China issue with CNN news production.

China: Carrefour the Winner

  17 April 2008

Huge jokingly said that Carrefour is the winner of the boycott campaign [zh]. 1. free ads; 2. many people suddenly realize that it is a French brand; 3. its discount will win the middle lower class’ heart in time of inflation.

China: Carrefour under boycott threat

  16 April 2008

Carrefour, the French retail giant, is the newest target on the list of what cyber-nationalists in China hate and aim at. Cell phone text messages calling on boycotts are popping up, over 5000 net cafes in China, as Daqi.com summed up, have been rife with posts against Carrefour, and quite a few radical netizens have already made the slogans into practice.

China: Anti-CNN Video Production

  16 April 2008

Hecaito commented that instead of boycotting Carrefour, patriotic youths should participate in grassroots media and produce video such as “Tell me Why?”

China: On Freedom of Speech

  16 April 2008

Matrix reposted a censored blog post by Ah Ken which commented on the ideological struggle of the recent attack on Chang Ping who urged for media freedom in Tibet issues.

China: Boycott Carrefour

  15 April 2008

Shcd from 163.com wrote a boycott action report against Carrefour in Beijing [zh]. The action is a reaction against France's failure in guarding the Olympic torch relay in Paris.

China: Who Attack Jin Jing?

  15 April 2008

Jin Jing is one of the torch bearer attacked by a so-called Tibet Independent activist in Paris. The incident results in public outrage because Jin Jing is a disabled person. Babaxiaoqian found out that the person who attacked Jin Jing might not be Tibetan but friend of the pro-China demonstrators.

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