· January, 2009

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Stories about Bangla from January, 2009

Bangladesh: The Future Of Jute In Peril?

  30 January 2009

With both the demand and prices of jute falling in the International market, many of the jute mills in Bangladesh are facing closure. At Muktangan, Monjuraul wonders whether the jute industry in Bangladesh will eventually perish.

Bangladesh: Elections Over, Now Its Time To Keep Promises

  21 January 2009

On the 29th of December, 2008, Bangladesh successfully conducted its 9th parliamentary elections. The Bloggers discussed what they want from the new government and also mentioned that they will be watching closely whether the election promises are fulfilled or not.

Bangla Blogs: Praying For Peace In Gaza

  7 January 2009

“What's happening in Gaza is impossible to tolerate,” writes blogger Aprio, encapsulating in those few words the Bangla blogosphere's sentiments towards what most of them see as ‘Israeli aggression against Palestinian civilians’. Rakib says that the current situation in Gaza is a ‘terrible humanitarian crisis’ . Ahmed Munir writes: ফিলিস্তিন...

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